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Take advantage of the virtual conference format year round for multiple conferences to internal and external audiences. Virtual Conference Manager Enterprise helps you raise the bar on engagement by delivering highly interactive conferences for your organization.

With Virtual Conference Manager Enterprise you can run conferences in your enterprise that can scale from tens to thousands of attendees. Run employee town halls, sales meetings, customer facing conferences, technology hackathons, training, and much more. The capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

Virtual Conference Manager Enterprise can run on your existing Microsoft Teams tenant, or we can host one for you. It is ideal for running multiple conferences per year.

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Conference Lobby

The conference lobby is where your attendees can browse your conference track(s), register for sessions, or join sessions. It is the central hub for them to discover your conference.

Event Scheduler

Design your event with multiple tracks, open or fixed registration, add activities at the conference, track, group or individual level.

Conference Networking

Give your attendees one of the most important aspects of attending a conference, the ability to network! Virtual Conference Manager provides the ability for attendees to network with each other in a speed networking setup or in a mixer of up to 250 attendees.

Interactive Activities

One of the most important aspects of a conference is engaging your audience. Virtual Conference Manager makes it easy to organize your attendees into groups for interactive activities. Your conference staff can easily monitor the groups and jump in to assist as needed.

Sponsors and Expo Hall

No conference is complete without sponsors and an expo hall! We make it easy to brand your conference with sponsor logos in the virtual Expo Hall. Each sponsor can interact with attendees using their own virtual booth. Each booth is completely brandable, offers the ability for announcements, handouts, virtual badge scanning to capture lead information, social media links, direct engagement with chat and Teams Meetings for private discussions.

Guest Access for External Audiences

Virtual Conference Manager Enterprise edition provides a fully functional portal for allowing guests from outside of your tenant/organization to join your conference. Guests get a similar conference experience to internal attendees with all of the additional benefits of attending Teams Meetings, Live Events, and Teams Channels.

Dynamic View

Give your virtual meetings the edge with Dynamic View for Teams. Dynamic view allows your paricipants to share content while simulataneously seeing the other participants. This capability allows your participants to view reactions in real-time and deliver a more engaging experience.

Live Sessions at Scale

Host live sessions with up to 10,000 participants per session. Capabilities include pre-show planning, chat-based Q and A, session recording for on-demand playback, automatic transcriptions and much more! Our producers will work with you every step of the way to deliver a flawless live event.

Get Connected with Together Mode

Make your breakout sessions interactive and engaging using Together mode. Leveraging decades of research, this feature of Microsoft Teams makes your attendees feel like they are in the same virtual space such as an auditorium. Your attendees will feel more connected, and reduce the fatigue of attending virtual meetings and it gives them the ability to do a virtual high five or pat on the shoulder.

Professional Services

You don't have to produce your event alone! Our Customer Success Team is here to assist you every step of the way. Conference design and delivery are our specialties. Our team has subject matter experience with Virtual Conference Manager and Microsoft Teams and we are here to help you to be successful, whether it is augmenting your delivery team all the way to producing the event.

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Features Virtual Conference Manager Virtual Conference Manager Enterprise
Ideal for... Deliver a highly interactive virtual conference that leverages the powerful and secure meeting capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Ideal for attendees that are predominantly outside your organization. All features of Virtual Conference Manager running in a Microsoft Teams tenant (yours or ours). This gives you the ability to host virtual events using the full collaboration capabilities of the Teams client for your internal staff and optionally allow guests in using the VCM web portal. Ideal for events that are attended by internal and external attendees.
Terms Per Conference Pricing Per Conference or Annual
Conference Access Website Teams (internal) and Website (external)
User Access Licensed and Guest Licensed and Guest
Schedule Builder
Large Scale Events
Expo Hall
Speaker Area
Virtual Networking
Breakout rooms for group-based learning
Dedicated logins for your attendees for additional privacy (Optional)
Run on your own Microsoft 365 / Teams tenant
Run on your own Microsoft Azure Subscription
Multi-Conference Cost Savings
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