Attending a Virtual Conference

We are excited that you are attending a virtual conference with us! To help you get started we have put together a short list of resources to help you get signed in to your conference and get familiar with the software to make your conference a great one!

Your Conference Identity

To access your conference you should have a conference identity. This consists of user name formatted like and a password. If you do not have your conference identity please email us at or start a live chat with one of our team members.

Attending a Virtual Conference

Your virtual conference is hosted in Microsoft Teams.
There are two ways to access the conference in Teams:

If you are attending your conference using a web browser, navigate to and signin using your attendee credentials.
When signing in to the web app you may see a prompt like this:

Logging out of an existing account

In some cases, your browser may automatically log you in with existing identity. If you are not prompted to login you must first logout of the Microsoft Teams web app. You can do this by clicking the user icon in the top right of the screen and clicking Sign out.

If you choose to use the Microsoft Teams app and are already logged in you can sign out in a similar fashion.


Since the conference is virtual, ensure you have a comfortable headset with a microphone to attend the sessions and interact.

Accessing the Conference Schedule

After you are logged in to the Teams App or the Teams Website, you will see an icon pinned to the top left of your page labeled VCM.
Click the icon to load the virtual conference home page. On the right you will see the complete schedule for your conference. You can register or join any session on the list.

Updating your Settings

Click the Settings button to set your display name and a profile picture (both optional) so others in the conference will know who you are when interacting in teams.

Getting the most out of your conference

Your conference will have several pre-created Teams and associated public and private channels that you will use to interact with other attendees.
Microsoft has created several videos to help you get oriented to Teams and Channels. See the following for a quick orientation on both subjects:

Still have questions?

You can access the live chat feature below, Monday through Friday - 8AM - 5PM CST or email us at for assistance.